Customer Experience Design

Build next generation sales engines based on personalized customer experiences

There are many brands in Saudi Arabia that are yet to learn the trick to translate digital interactions to favor top-line growth. The aim should be to bring together 360 degree cross channel data and analytics to ensure a convenient, tailored and compelling experience. Customers experience design is still a concept for many but businesses are already realizing that it’s high time that it is deployed as a marketing strategy to win the crowd. To start off with a great customer experience design, you need to have all the digital firepower in your armory.

At MATADOR, we have been working with several companies to execute foolproof digital marketing strategies that have radically reshaped the way “customer experience (CX)” was understood. MATADOR helps its clients make improvements in the number of customers they reach, the campaigns they launch, and the sales they achieve. Cross collaboration is another highlight that ensures “test and learn” capabilities – hallmarks of any digital leader today.

In every project that we undertake, MATADOR as a CX strategies and solution provider company in Riyadh, aims to bring about a balanced and powerful collaboration of technology, multichannel marketing, and industry specific expertise to support analytical planning and designing tools to optimization.

Why work with us?

  • To create comprehensive data marts by combining data on economics, customer demographics, social media, product holdings, location data and device behavior
  • To create self predictive models which support outbound contact and inbound service to sale across different channels
  • To reshape the customer experience mapping and facilitate better conversions
  • To develop agile IT and marketing processes required in this data driven environment

Our customer experience (CX) software designing focuses on designing, implementation and the management of all customer related interaction all throughout the journey. If you are looking to create digital touch points that entice, we would be the people you should be talking to.